ProAdvanced LED UV Lamp


SuperNail announces an LED Lamp so innovative, it harnesses the power of light so you can cure any color with confidence. Our sophisticated design features dual wavelengths and 18 powerful 36W LEDs strategically placed for optimal curing of both LED and UV gels at all viscosity levels, in all colors, even the most pigmented shades. Smart Cure Technology activates at the 60 and 90 second timers to gradually increase power for a more comfortable, pain-free client experience. Cure with confidence with SuperNail’s new ProAdvanced LED Lamp.

Item Number: 67542


How to Use

Features & Benefits:

New generation LEDs makes it the most advanced lamp in the market

Dual wavelengths cures all types of LED and UV gels

Powerful 36W output cures all colors, even the most opaque black

Smart Cure Technology allows for a gradual power increase to reduce burning sensation while curing sculpting/builder gels, giving a comfortable client experience

3 timer settings: 30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec

60 second and 90 second settings activate the Smart Cure Technology

Magnetic and removable bottom tray for easy pedicures and cleaning

Roomy interior keeps the lamp cooler and allows for nail forms when using sculpting/builder gels

Top arm groove for comfort and efficient client service

Motion sensor activation

ON/OFF Button


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